Services (professional)

Argentor offers an A-Z of solutions for the professional. Without diminishing our prices, level of service or flexibility. Most services are listed but don’t hesitate to contact us for unusual questions.

Argentor stands for concrete applications and flexible solutions! You can always contact us with any questions about our services  contact us.

Processing precious metals

Argentor processes your precious metals within 24 hours. However, in most cases, we can pay out immediately, either the whole amount or a large portion as an advance. In this way your working capital is not effected.

Trading precious metals

At Argentor, you can sell all your precious metals at the best daily rate. Our professional trading team guarantees it. We buy scrap metal, coins and bars.


You can have us smelt and analyze your metals. “Fire-tests” (cupellation) are done by competent assayers, ensuring the best results. Or you can have a spectrometer test free of charge.


Gold granules, gold plates, silver granules, etc. In short, everything for the precious metals professional. Gold and silver bars and a wide range of coins – in short everything for the precious metals investor. Both professional and retail.


Would you like to offer personalized ingots or coins in your shop? Or perhaps you would like to give a unique gift? That is now possible at Argentor. Contact us now and get an immediate quote.

Weight account

At Argentor you can have your precious metals deposited or held in a weight account. This implies that you can wait before fixing the price for you precious metals. Or you can have it booked over to another weight account, e.g. a client’s weight account.
Argentor is the specialist in processing precious metals. We do that with the greatest level of care for your materials. We process precious metals in almost all its (high and the low-content) forms:

– Scrap gold, dental gold, gold coins, mine gold, etc.
– Workshop waste: filings, wash, drill cuttings, smelt crucibles, vacuum cleaner bags, polishing waste, manufacture surpluses, etc. 
– Diamond recovery: We recover diamonds and precious stones form jewelry without damaging them.
– Scrap silver
– PGM or Platinum Group Metals

At Argentor, you can sell, price-fix or hedge your precious metals. In this way you can cover yourself against rate changes.

– You will find more information on how you sell precious metals, here.
– Click on the type of metal to get the best price:

– Click here if you want more information about rate fixing for precious metals.
– At Argentor you can be paid immediately. If you have to wait for you analysis, we can still pay you an advance. Click here for more information about advances payments for precious metals.

Analysis of your metals can be realized in various ways. They range from XRF (spectrometry) and the cupellation-method (“Fire-test”) to the ICP-OES method.At Argentor we can test your metals using any of these 3 methods:

XRF: The spectrometer allows us to test your metal accurately and in a non-destructive manner.
Cupellation: The most accurate way to analyze gold and silver. This method is ISO certified (ISO 11426).
Analysis report: At Argentor, you can get an assay report or analysis report from a Royal Mint accredited assayer. Click here for more information about analysis report.

Argentor has an extensive range of products. Form fine precious metals for making jewelry to investment precious metals. An overview of our range:

– Gold bars: 1 g up to 1 kg; Our own brand Emeko and LBMA. 
– Gold in granules or plates (professionals): for sale per gram. 
– Silver bars: 500g LBMA & 1kg LBMA. 
– Silver granules (professionals): for sale per gram. 
– Pt & Pd plates or granules (professionals): for sale per gram.

Would you like to offer personalized ingots or coins in your shop – gold or silver? Are you looking for a unique gift?
At Argentor we can make ingots or coins to your own design.

– More information about custom design bars & coins here.

At Argentor you hold or deposit your precious metals in a unique weight account or metal account. In this way, you delay fixing the price or have the metal booked over to another weight account.For more information about the possibilities with a weight account click here.

Core business

Argentor specializes in recovering and refining precious metals. Our focus in this field is on scrap gold, dental and industrial gold and scrap silver. In addition, recovery of precious metals from filings, brushes, slags – In other words, simply all workshop waste.

Argentor’s excellent reputation among customers and government entities inspires confidence. In addition, Argentor enjoys an excellent reputation at the Royal Belgian Mint since 1987. Moreover, close collaboration with the Emeko Refinery ensures extremely short turn-around times. Thus we also guarantee the fastest payments. Focus on professionals is a successful formula that we have maintained through the years. All the precious metal that Argentor trades is internationally accepted and we have traded it internationally for years.


Processing Au, Ag, Pt, Pd, Rh, Ir and Os, as well as high-content precious metals and processing PGM’s (Platinum Group Metals) and low-content precious metal.
Recovery of diamonds and other gemstones without damage using chemical solutions. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information about prices and the process.
Argentor can return the process metal to you in fine precious metal, even before the process is complete. Contact us for more information.
Argentor can pay immediately for most metals, and at the best price. An advance is always possible, so that you can utilize your working capital in the best way. That is possible in cash or by bank transfer.
Manufacturing bars and coins to your own design is one of our strengths! Have you always wished you could have your own personalized bars or coins? We are always happy to help!

Why Argentor?

  • Exceptional reputation since 1987
  • Discrete handling
  • A-Z solutions
  • Extremely fast turnaround
  • Flexible assistance

What do clients say?

“Positive points: Big stock, so no waiting for orders. Friendly service. The webshop is very clear with a neat layout.
Points for improvement: The office is pretty small and sometimes busy.”
Nick G.