Purchasing old gold

You want to sell gold? You can do that at Argentor in Antwerp.

Purchasing gold is our core business! We offer purchasing options for physical gold in all its forms. We give the highest current price

  • Scarp gold (old jewelry)
  • Workshop waste (Filings, workbench waste, drill cuttings, etc.)
  • Dental gold
  • Industrial gold
  • Gold bullion or non-current coins and bars
  • Mined or alluvial gold

Argentor stands for concrete applications and flexible solutions! For enquiries connected to our service and support, do not hesitate to contact us.

We pay out the following prices in cash or by bank transfer, without reduction of costs.
Argentor retains the right to modify these prices.

Purity Price/gram private Price/gram professional
24 carat 34.17 €/gr 36.17 €/gr
22 carat 29,54 €/gr 31,54 €/gr
21,6 carat 28,99 €/gr 30,99 €/gr
18 carat 24.06 €/gr 26.06 €/gr
14 carat 17,66 €/gr 19,66 €/gr
9 carat   9,44 €/gr 11,44 €/gr
Dental gold 18,66 €/gr 20,66 €/gr
Latest update: 19-04-2019

Why Argentor?

  • Best price for old gold
  • Immediate payment
  • A-Z solutions
  • Trusted since 1987
  • Our own gold Smelter

What do clients say?

“Positive points: Very good service and even reachable out of office hours. Everything possible is done to help. Simply perfect.
Points for improvement: A graphic presentation of daily rates would be handy. Both for silver as well as the gold buying section”
Robert B.