Purchasing Platinum & Palladium

Selling Platinum or Palladium? You can do that at Argentor in Antwerp.

We are specialized in purchasing Platinum and Palladium! We offer purchase formats for all forms of physical Platinum and Palladium. We give you the highest current rates for Pt jewelry, Pt and Pd in powder, thermocouples, Pd alloys, investment Pt and Pd, etc.

Argentor stands for concrete applications and flexible solutions! For enquiries connected to our service and support, do not hesitate to contact us.

We pay out in cash or by bank transfer, without reduction of costs.
Argentor retains the right to modify its prices, which you can become by calling +32 (0)3 303 72 72.

Purity Platinum Price/gram private Price/gram professional
999,5 20.07 €/gr 22.07 €/gr
950 16.32 €/gr 18.32 €/gr
Purity Palladium Price/gram private Price/gram professional
999,5 48.91 €/gr 50.91 €/gr
950 40.26 €/gr 42.26 €/gr
Latest update: 10-07-2020

Why Argentor?

  • Best silver price
  • Immediate payment
  • A-Z solutions
  • Trusted since 1987
  • Our own refinery

What do clients say?

“Positive points: I am very satisfied with Argentor’s fast and correct service! Quick and clear answers to questions by mail create confidence and satisfaction in this business!
Points for improvement: None that I know of”
John P.