Purchasing bars and coins

Selling your investment gold or silver? You can do that at Argentor in Antwerp.

At Argentor, you are at the right address for selling your investment in precious metals. On this page you can see an overview of the prices we offer for gold and silver coins and ingots. In this manner, we offer you a transparent platform with current prices.

We pay out the following prices in cash or by bank transfer, without reduction of costs.
Argentor retains the right to modify these prices.

Why Argentor?

  • Best price for old gold
  • Immediate payment
  • A-Z solutions
  • Trusted since 1987
  • Our own gold Smelter

What do clients say?

“Positive points: I came in contact with this company through the Netherlands, because I did not know there was a division in Antwerp. Automatically, I was put in touch with our Belgian branch, which is obviously much easier for me to do business. The next time I will go directly to Antwerp to do business in person. I am very satisfied.
Points for improvement: I cannot name one”
Nick N.