Buying precious metals as a professional

Argentor sells all the precious metals that goldsmiths, jewelers, etc. need for creating and renovating jewelry. In addition, you can come to Argentor for the more industrial applications. And all that for the best prices. You can find the best prices in the sub-menus below.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for any enquiries connected with our products. Of course you are always welcome at our office (without appointment)..

Gold in grains. No investment gold!

Purity Per mille Price/gram
Fine gold 999,9 51.76 €/gr
Latest update: 10-07-2020

Silver in grains. No investment silver!

Purity Per mille Price/gram
Fine silver 999 0,56 €/gr + 21% vat
Latest update: 10-07-2020

Platinum and palladium in plate. No investment platinum or palladium!

Purity Per mille Price/gram
Fine platinum 999,5 25.09 €/gr + 21% vat
Fine palladium 999,5 57.88 €/gr + 21% vat
Latest update: 10-07-2020

Why Argentor?

  • Exceptional reputation since 1987
  • Discrete handling
  • A-Z solutions
  • Extremely fast turnaround
  • Flexible assistance

What do clients say?

“Positive points: The big plus is the webshop with efficient handling and immediate availability of ordered coins (at the trading houses I have used until now, I sometimes waited weeks for certain coins and I had to make do with what happened to be in stock).
Points for improvement: Premiums on certain coins could be lower, certainly on bigger orders(volume discount)”
Patrick F.