Do you want personalized ingots or coins, made to your own design? You can do that at Argentor! We have years of experience in casting, pressing and stamping personalized bars and coins.

Contact us if you have any questions. Argentor stands for concrete applications and flexible solutions!

The fabrication process goes through a number of steps:

  • You supply your personal design in digital vector graphic format. If you have no experience in this, we can help you find a graphic designer.
  • We make you a quote based on the following parameters:
    – price of the precious metal
    – weight of the precious metal required
    The number sides to print
    Desired amount of pieces
    – Any packaging
  • Then the unique mold is created. Attention: This cannot be modified later.
  • Then the coins or bars are cast and beaten or stamped.
  • If you wish, we can also take care of the packaging and framing.

The turnaround time is usually one month from approval of the quotation to delivery of the personalized bars or coins.


Why Argentor?

  • Exceptional reputation since 1987
  • Discrete handling
  • A-Z solutions
  • Extremely fast turnaround
  • Flexible assistance

What do clients say?

“Positive points: Speed and efficiency of delivery. The website’s clarity and transparency.
Points for improvement: None that I know of”
Anonymous from Kortrijk