Argentor primarily buys gold and silver. However, we also buy platinum, palladium, and the less common PGM’s such as osmium, iridium, ruthenium and rhodium. And those in almost all forms and alloys. Both high and low metal content alloys. A short overview:


  • Scarp gold (old jewelry)
  • Mined or alluvial gold
  • Workshop waste (filings, vacuum cleaner bags polishing waste, cuttings, workbench waste, etc.)
  • Dental gold
  • Industrial gold
  • Gold bullion or non-current coins and bars


  • Scrap silver
  • Workshop waste
  • Electrolytic silver
  • Industrial silver
  • Silver bullion or non-current coins

Platinum and Palladium:

  • Platinum and palladium jewelry
  • Platinum and palladium jewelry
  • Thermocouples
  • Investment platinum and palladium

Other PGM’s:

  • Osmium, Iridium, Ruthenium & Rhodium. Please contact us for more info.
We post our buying price online daily. These are guide prices and not binding in the case of sudden price decrease. In a case of sudden market price increases, of course our prices are adjusted in the same way. In this way, you buy at the best and most current gold price at all times. Here is a table of our buying prices forscrap gold and here for our buying prices for gold bullion.
You are paid instantly. And in cash or direct bank transfer. Or you can be paid in the fine precious metal if you do not wish to sell.
In the case of movable property purchase by a merchant or with service whose price is equal to or higher than 3000 EUR, the cash payment may not exceed 10% of the price, and there is a maximum of 3000 EUR. This limitation applies regardless of whether the sale or service performance is in a transaction in which there seem to be a link.

The same limitations are applicable when a dealer buys precious metals (e.g. when a private person sells gold or jewelry to a jeweler). The dealer is also obliged make a copy of the seller’s identity document (Art. 70 § 1 of the Law of 29 December 2010 laying down miscellaneous provisions)

Yes. That is required by law (also see “Are precious metals sales paid in cash?”)
Scrap metal purchasing prices are updated daily in the morning, at around 09:00. The purchase prices for investment metal are current and live at all times.
You can find our purchase prices forscrap metal here.

You can find our purchase prices forinvestment metals here.

There are several ways to test whether the metal you have is a real precious metal.

  1. Based on the stamps
    You can use a magnifying glass to check the content of your jewelry, in carats. The most common content levels are 18kt or 750, 14kt or 585 and 9kt or 375. This method is not conclusive, but usually gives a good idea of the content. Many pieces of jewelry made before 1980 may differ slightly in terms of content from the stated caratage. After 1980, the laws in this regard strengthened and there is less chance of failure to meet the declared content.
  2. With testing liquids
    A second possibility is to test your metal with acids. You can purchase these acids in numerous stores near the diamond district or even online. There is a specific acid for most contents. For example 18kt, 14kt, 9kt.
    The best way to do this is as follows:
    – You file through the upper layer to remove any potentially plated layer
    – You add some acid to the clean filed surface of the jewelry
    – You can determine the result depending on the spread of the acid
    – It is best to collect the filings because it has a value, when you have above a certain quantity.
    Attention: We do not recommend using a touch test stone. This method elicits an erroneous test result for the metal because it tests the filings. In other words, the surface layer that could be gold plated. This gives a false impression of the alloy.
  3. You can always contact your local jeweler. He can always assist you.
If you want to sell old gold, it important to estimate properly the best possible price you can get for your possessions. Read these tips and then think carefully before you dispose of your precious metals.

  1. Formulate an idea of what your gold is worth
    You should always try to research how much your gold pieces are worth before you decide to sell. Weighing and checking the markings on your jewelry watch can help you determine how much your items are worth, based on the current market value of gold. Alternatively, you can go a jewelry store (or several jewelers) for a valuation. This will help you to make concrete estimates.Never simply send your possessions to a buyer without ensuring that you have a value estimate. If you still do that, you are dependent on the reliability party you are dealing with. By surfing to or calling +32 3 232 31 99, you can always obtain the current purchasing prices (Ask for PURCHASE Prices: Argentor sells to).
  2. Consider selling your goods directly to a jeweler where you already do business or a known buyer with an impeccable reputation.
    Research has proven that jewelers often offer you a better price than the small buyers of precious metals. Certainly in the Antwerp Diamond Quarter where there are numerous jewelers centralized in one area, who will offer a fair price for your jewelry. Argentor is a very large wholesale buyer with a transparent pricing policy and an impeccable reputation. Many small buyers have merely a retail clientele, which means their clients are less well informed, and that means that they dare to give lower prices for your possessions. So, don’t sell your gold to the first buyer you find. There is a big chance that you will get a worse price for your metals.
  3. Find the best price on the market, and negotiate if you think you are getting to little for your precious metals.
    Always check the market for the best price. If you eventually still find that you are being offered a bad price for your jewelry, remember you always have the right to negotiate or keep it until a better time.
  4. Avoid selling jewelry or coins of exceptional value.
    Gold buyers are often only interested in content percentages of the precious metals in your possessions. They have no regard for the work and skill that are such important factors in these items. Unlike jewelers, buyers pay nothing for the gems worked into jewelry, as that concerns another profession of which they have no knowledge. At Argentor we advise removal of these stones before coming to see us. If you are unable to do this, we do this for you on request, as a customer service. Other parties in the market will take advantage of your lack of knowledge about the stones. Wariness is thus advised. Coins too are often worth more than their gold content. Thorough research about the higher price you may be able to get is therefore a wise move before offering them for sale. At You can find out you will get for your pieces at Argentor. These prices reflect the current value for each specific coin above the price of gold.
  5. Compare company reputations online
    If you choose to sell your gold you should take a look online. Reliable parties usually have a rating module installed on their website where you can see reviews from customers like Simply do a Google search for the companies you are interested in working with, and you all will be a step further in your research. But beware, web presence is anything but a guarantee of reliability.
Argentor doesnot free estimates.
Yes. As a recognized dealer in precious metals, Argentor Essayeurs bvba is associated with the Royal Belgian Mint since 1997 and registered in the assurance registry. The Royal Mint of Belgium strikes all official coins, after which they are distributed by the National Bank. You can find more information at
Argentor processes virtually all precious metals, with a focus on gold and silver. We can also process other precious metals such as platinum, palladium, rhodium, ruthenium, iridium and osmium can be processed to their purest form.
Depending on composition and amount, the following processing periods apply:

  • Jewelry and jewels: <1000 gr – day +0
  • Jewelry and jewels: >1000 gr – dag +1 (There can be an immediate 90% advance, based on the estimated amount).
  • Workshop waste: +/- 48 hours
  • PGMs: +/- 3 weeks
Argentor is the specialist in processing workshop waste. Workshop waste includes:

  • Wash
  • Filings
  • Polishing waste
  • Abrasive Brushes
  • Vacuum cleaner bags
  • Floor dust
  • Fabrication surpluses
  • Smelting crucibles
In certain cases we will also take in diamonds. For this, the turnaround time is a little longer than for gold because we have them valued externally by a recognized diamond dealer. For this, the turnaround time is a little longer than for gold because we have them valued externally by a recognized diamond merchant.

We opt for fair pricing that is competitive and represents the real cost of refining.

Raffinage Sloopgoud

+ €50/analysis
  • Compensation Au: 99.5%
  • Compensation Ag: 98%
  • Minimum invoice: €175

Raffinage Werkhuisafval

+ €50/analysis
  • Compensation Au: 99.5%
  • Compensation Ag: 98%
  • Minimum invoice: €175

Recuperatie diamant

+ €50/analysis
  • Compensation Au: 99.5%
  • Compensation Ag: 98%
  • diamond return
  • Minimum invoice: €350

Raffinage Ag

+ €50/analysis
  • Compensation Ag: 98%
  • Invoice minimum: €90

Raffinage PGM

+ 50€/analyse
  • Compensation Au: 99.5%
  • Compensation Ag: 98%
  • Compensation Pt: 95%
  • Compensation Pd: 95%
  • Invoice minimum: €350
Yes, you both purchase ans sell your metals, in other words, trade with us. We always buy or sell. Whether the price is high or low at a certain time. That is the result of us covering our positions, and thus avoiding rate change risk.
If you are a registered customer you can fix the price in advance. Investors can do this through placing your order in the online webshop. If you wish to sell as a retail client, you should come to our office. Fixing prices by phone is not available for retail customers.

Professionals can fix their gold prices, starting from an estimated pure gold content of at least 250 gr. For this, contact our trading team on +32 3 232 31 99.

Argentor has the entire process in-house, from purchasing and processing your precious metals, right through to the final sale of the fine precious metal. There are no steps that have to be outsourced. That allows us to always work in the most complete and efficient manner. That translates in superior but honest pricing in comparison with our competitors.
Note: Don’t let higher prices per gram (mis) guide you – simply compare thefinal net amount that you will receive.
There are a number of methods to determine whether your precious metal is indeed real:

  1. With for example Testing fluid:
    This is known as a destructive method, because there will be some damage to the piece, in order to test it properly.
  2. For example using a XRF-spectrometer:
    Pieces which should not be damaged or that are impossible to test with test liquid (e.g. White gold, platinum, etc.) can be placed in the spectrometer. This apparatus can determine metal content with a high degree of accuracy.
  3. For example using Cupellation:
    For larger quantities (> 500 gr), we give priority to the most accurate method for testing gold: the cupellation method. This is a destructive method, since the goods must first undergo smelting. On the other hand it guarantees the maximum return!
Yes, that is possible. You can obtain an analysis or assay report from the refinery. This is on request but is certainly free of charge.
Personalizing gold in bar or coin form is possible. You should provide your own design. Or we can assist you. You have free choice in terms of weight and design.
You can deposit your metal in a weight account or a metal account. In this way, you can sell whenever it is best for you. We can also transfer the cash value for the metal you delivered. For more information it is best to contact us directly.
  • As a professional you have to complete the client registration process. This means that we need a number of things from your company before we can do business with you. Contact us now to become a client.
  • As retail client you must simply present your passport for each purchase or sale of precious metals.
It is thus best to consult a number of parties. Word of mouth is also very important. That’s why we opt to let people tell us what they think in the form of online reviews.
Subscribing to the newsletter is free of charge. In addition, you keep up to date on precious metal market news.
You can subscribe to the newsletter by entering your email address in the gray bar at the bottom of the page and clicking on “subscribe”. Then you will receive all our newsletters. You can also un-subscribe at any time.
There are a great number of reasons to invest in physical gold. There is an essential difference between saving and investing. Savers try to put a portion of their wealth into safekeeping for the future. Investors in gold want to profit from market movements, picking the fruit from rises and falls. The majority of retail clients who buy precious metals fall into the “saver” category. But why would you buy gold or other metals?

  1. Gold has an intrinsic value
    In contrast to paper or virtual money – that is nothing more than bits and bytes – physical gold has and intrinsic value. This comes from the physical nature of gold. Gold is rare, indestructible, difficult to extract from the ground, and it is seen as a valuable commodity all over the World.
  2. Gold is money
    Gold has been an exchange medium with all the characteristics of money for more than 5,000 years. Money must meet a number of criteria including:
    – Being a general acceptable medium of exchange (gold is redeemable everywhere in the world, which is not the case with all paper currencies).
    – Divisible: When a gold bar is cut in two, the combined value of the two separate parts remains equal to the initial bar.
    – Compact, easy to transport and high value per unit weight
    – Relatively rare and difficult to obtain. Paper money does not have this property, in view of the fact that there is no limit on how much more can be printed.
    – Wear resistant and indestructible – 99% of all the gold ever mined is still available.
  3. Gold is a safeguard against loss of capital
    In times of political uncertainty, high inflation and devaluation of currencies, gold provides an excellent safeguard against loss of capital. In addition physical gold always retains an intrinsic value. Financial products such as stocks, currencies, bonds, government bonds, savings accounts, bank deposits all carry the risk that their value could drop to zero. Physical gold and silver is the only investment vehicle in which you are not dependent on the performance of a counterparty, who guarantees the value. Companies and banks can collapse, and governments can unilaterally change contractual obligations they have entered into by cancelling payment on bonds and/or by creating inflation and/or deflation of currencies. Physical gold remains a physical material, and will always represent a value.
  4. Gold production has been decreasing for years and demand is rising
    Worldwide gold production is decreasing while demand is rising. In the 70s, South Africa was the largest gold producer in the world with an official annual production of 2,000 tons. Brazilian gold production peaked in 1982, Canadian in 1991, Australia in 1996 and American gold production peaked in 1997. There have been no significant new gold finds in any of these countries. In addition, all “easily” extractable gold is in existing mines, and production is more difficult every year.
  5. Gold is a safeguard against inflation
    Inflation is the invisible tax deliberately created by the monetary policies of central banks and governments. Contrary to what politicians and central banks would have you believe – namely that they are the guardians of your purchasing power and fight against inflation – they are major contributors to inflation. Inflationary policies are beneficial to anyone who incurs a lot of debt and very bad for anyone trying to build up capital. During the last 30 years the purchasing power of the Dollar and Euro has decreased by 50%. If central banks are protecting us from inflation, they have not done a good job during the last 100 years. Gold has retained its purchasing power throughout this period. One can show periods during which it was sensible to invest in financial instruments other than gold. Yet, over the longer term there is not one investment that held its purchasing power as well as gold.
Argentor prices are based on the LBMA ‘spot price’. This is a listing in $/Oz, which is converted to €/gr for you free of charge. The spot price comes from the combination of offers and demand on the precious metals markets. These spot prices run 24/24 hours, because markets are in different time zones. In this way, trading on precious metal markets is possible 24/24 hours. We offer such a low price because we are at the source for gold, silver, platinum and palladium. In addition, our years of experience have given us outstanding contacts with the largest mints and refineries.
The choice of coins or bars depends on a number of matters. In addition, the type of metal you want to buy is important. For specific advice, it is best to contact our webshop team.
Primarily, it is important that you buy from a reputable party with a spotless reputation. Argentor has a track record dating form 1987 and enjoys an outstanding domestic and international reputation. You can find our yearly account in the KBO under number: 0431 852 314. Of course you are always welcome at our office.

It is at least of equal importance that we only work with recognized and accredited refineries and mints. In addition, we have all the apparatus and know-how to test materials delivered to us. So you are 100% sure of what you get for your money.

Precious metal market prices run 24/24 hours 7/7 days. Over the weekend, however, there is no liquidity. Argentor’s prices follow automatically. The online sales price updates every minute so that you are ensured of the most current live rates.

However, you can specify the price (fix) if and when you place an order. A placed order implies a commitment on your part but also ours – the price is agreed and remains fixed. In this way, you know exactly how much you must pay and there are no sudden price increases.

Yes, that is possible. Argentor not only has a webshop but also a physical shop in the center of Antwerp. You can come to us for information or advice without an appointment. In addition, you can see our range before placing an order.
Step 1: Inform yourself
– Our newsletter will already get you started. Subscribe free of charge and stay up to date on the latest precious metal market news.
– Make an appointment and consult with our specialists.

Step 2: Choose you metal
– Gold has been a means of storing wealth since 5,000 years. In addition, the value is held in a VAT free safeguard against inflation.
– Silver: This superconductor is extremely suitable for long-term investment. Industrial applications make it a metal with a lot of potential.

Step 3: Choose your product
– You can choose between coins or bars.
– Bars: Lower premium on sales & discount (or negative premium) on sales. The bigger the bar, the smaller the spread (i.e. the difference between purchase and sale price)
– Coins: Higher premium on both purchases and sales. The spread is always the same.
– The smaller the selected product, the higher the premium. That is usually the rule. In contrast, you have more flexibility if you should sell. Big bars are indeed not divisible.
Remarks: Exchanging gold is also possible at Argentor. We can smelt big bars into a number of smaller ones. You will pay only the custom work per bar and not another premium (after all, you are not selling).

Step 4: Fix your price
You have several options for fixing the price of precious metals:
– Place online orders 24/7 via
– Request a quote by phone during office hours
– Visit our office, Mon-Thurs 9:00-17:00 and Fri 9:00-13:00. With or without an appointment.
In any event, you will receive confirmation via one of the channels.

Step 5: Choose your payment method
– Payment by bank transfer
– Cash payment on the spot (maximum 3000EUR)
– Bancontact on the spot (Attention! No Visa or Mastercard)

Step 6: Choose the delivery method
– Free pick up on the spot
– Insured and discrete delivery by a courier service

– By bank transfer
– In cash, up to a maximum of 3000EUR per transaction
– Via the payment terminal (Attention! No Visa or Mastercard)
The person named on the invoice can pick up the order on presentation of a valid identity card. You are welcome to pick up your order in our office in Antwerp. Argentor staff can always help you further with any possible questions connected with your purchases or sales of gold, silver, and palladium.
A tip: For collections it is best to report your arrival in the shop or call +32 3 232 31 99 and leave a message that you have arrived. In this way, you can avoid the queue in the shop.
An order can be collected by a third party only upon presentation of a valid ID of the person named on the invoice and authorization signed by that person for the third party to act as a proxy (for collection of the order). Click here to download a valid authorization  template.
Cancelling orders is not possible. By placing an order, you make a commitment to purchase. This is stipulated in Argentor’s General Terms and Conditions. Argentor bears the price risk form the moment you order until the time your payment is received. Because of this rate-change risk, Argentor is exempt from the law on ‘purchase at a distance’ and order cancellation is not possible.
All purchases and sales of precious metals are coupled with presentation of a valid identity document, regardless of payment or delivery method. Your data is stored for seven years, and will not be shared for commercial purposes.
Argentor also ship precious metals abroad using and insured method. You can find the rates under ‘What are the shipping costs?”
The cost of a fully insured shipment with a secure courier is dependent on the weight and the insurable value, as well as the destination country. The rates:

Value Belgium The Netherlands Europe *
0 – 5,000 EUR 25 EUR 40 EUR 50 EUR
5,000 – 10,000 EUR 30 EUR 45 EUR 70 EUR
10,000 – 30,000 EUR 50 EUR 50 EUR 100 EUR
> 30,000 EUR 60 EUR 60 EUR 150 EUR

*: These rates apply to the following European countries: Cyprus, Denmark, Finland, France, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Austria, Spain, United Kingdom, Sweden,
rates for other countries on request.

Products that are in stock, can be paid for immediately and picked up at our office. If you choose insured shipping, this will be implemented as soon as your payment is received. You will always be contacted by telephone to arrange a suitable delivery date.

If the selected product is not in stock, it may be several days and up to weeks, before collection or sending is possible. The webshop team will inform you about it – so you will not be left in the dark. Following that, we will contact you when the product is once again in stock.

Argentor handles all communications connected with shipment of your precious metal. You can contact the webshop by e-mail to or telephone: +32 3232 31 99.
Argentor’s office is located in one of the safest neighborhoods in Belgium: Antwerp’s diamond district. Our office is located opposite the Diamond District police station, and there are cameras all over street. Moreover, our office layout ensures that you can trade in a safe and discreet manner.
We sell the precious metals that are of primary importance for jewelry design. In addition, we offer precious metals for industrial processes, investment, etc.
– Gold in plate or granules
– Silver in granules
– Platinum plate
– Palladium plate
– gold bullion:
– 1 kg
– 500 grams
– 250 grams
– 100 grams
– 50 grams
– 31.1 grams
– 20 grams
– 10 grams
– 5 grams
– 1 gram
Here you will find a live overview from our sales prices for professionals.

Argentor Essayeurs is Belgium’s specialist dealer in precious metals with the best prices and the widest choice for both professional and retail clients. Argentor has its reputation and market position primarily thanks to the impeccable quality of the firm’s service and offerings.Reliability and discretion are undeniably important.We therefore try to focus on flexible service with a healthy sense of CSR.Through innovative A-Z solutions, we serve our customers with a comprehensive range of products and services.

Our office is located in the Long Herentalsestraat 52 in Antwerp, in the very secure diamond district opposite the police station. From here we deliver a large stock of gold in plate or granules, gold bars or coins, silver granules and bars, and additionally platinum and palladium plate.You can make an order in our office and take direct delivery of your precious metal. You can pay up to 3,000 EUR in cash, through the bank terminal (BC/MC) or by bank transfer.

Additionally, is the market leader in the field of online sales of gold, silver, platinum and palladium. We founded in 2012, with the goal of making physical bullion purchase simple and accessible for retail investors.Banks dominated the gold market for years but it is now more open than ever before. The evidence is the explosive growth of our online sales since 2012.

You can take a look at our figures for recent years here:
– Argentor’s balance sheet 2012
– Argentor’s balance sheet 2013
Argentor is a company with a healthy and driven work ethic. There are currently around 10 people working with us. Each with his/her own specialty but with sufficient general knowledge to help you when needed.
You can contact us in three ways:
– Telephone on +32 3 232 31 99
– Via e-mail:
– General enquiries:
– Accounts department:
– Analysis results:
– Investments:
– Directly, in our office in Antwerp
Argentor is open at the following times:
– Mon-Thurs: 9:00-17:00
– Fri: 9:00-13:00
– Sat-Sun: Closed
for the holiday periods please visit our contact page.
Our office is very easy to reach. Located in the center of Antwerp in the area of the Diamond District, we are easy to reach by tram, bus and train.

– Railway station: Antwerp Central
– Bus stop: Franklin Rooseveltplaats
– Tram stops: Opera, Astrid or Diamant