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About Argentor

Argentor Essayeurs is Belgium’s specialist dealer in precious metals with the best prices and the widest choice for both professional and retail clients. Argentor has its reputation and market position primarily thanks to the impeccable quality of the firm’s service and offerings.Reliability and discretion are undeniably important.We therefore try to focus on flexible service with a healthy sense of CSR.Through innovative A-Z solutions, we serve our customers with a comprehensive range of products and services.

Our office is located in the Long Herentalsestraat 52 in Antwerp, in the safe diamond district opposite the police station. From here we deliver a large stock of gold in plate or granules, gold bars or coins, silver granules and bars, and additionally platinum and palladium plate.You can make an order in our office and take direct delivery of your precious metal. You can pay up to 3,000 EUR in cash, through the bank terminal (BC/MC) or by bank transfer.

Additionally, Argentorshop.be is the market leader in the field of online sales of gold, silver, platinum and palladium. We founded Argentorshop.be in 2012, with the goal of making physical bullion purchase simple and accessible for retail investors.Banks dominated the gold market for years but it is now more open than ever before. The evidence is the explosive growth of our online sales since 2012.

Five reason to choose Argentor

Argentor is the bullion sales authority in the BeNeLux region. We can help you quickly in one of three languages (NL-FR-EN).Why would you choose Argentor?

  • Guaranteed best prices
  • The purest precious metals
  • Fully insured home delivery
  • Secure payments and management of your account
  • The highest level of customer satisfaction


Zilver Emeko

At Argentor Essayeurs we build on our own strength. Our trading volumes allow us to continue offering our products at the most competitive and market matching prices. Without diminishing our level of service!And that counts for both precious metal purchases and sales!
Our own production and the LBMA approval label for bars.

Argentor is the most trusted provider of physical precious metals and delivers only the highest purity and quality products. Our range comes from worldwide accredited suppliers. For the professional, we offer metals of the highest purity:

– Gold (Au): 999.9
– Silver (Ag): 999
– Platinum (Pt): 999.5
– Palladium (Pd): 999.5

For investors in precious metals we offer both Emeko-gold bars from own production and LBMA gold bars. LBMA gold bars come from the largest precious metals producers in the world (although there is no extra value in LBMA gold). This accreditation is done by the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA). The LBMA is simply the umbrella organization for precious metal producers that guarantees the quality of gold and silver bars since 1987 (Argentor’s birth year). Bars from LBMA certified smelters enjoy the so-called “Good Delivery Status”.This status guarantees the purity and that it can be traded worldwide. But also Emeko gold bars have been traded worldwide since 1953. Emeko gold bars are, at the moment of writing this, traded in Switzerland, Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, etc. – which give Emeko its international status.

Coins from internationally recognized mints

Argentor also works exclusively with internationally recognized mints for gold and silver bullion coins. We source our bullion coins directly from international mints such as the Australian Mint (The Perth Mint), the Austrian Mint (Münze Österreich) and The Canadian Mint. We exclusively trade new coins, supplied directly from the mint (expect the Krugerrand). In this way we guarantee the origin and the pristine condition of these coins. We are always prepared to buy back coins we have sold, as well as coins bought elsewhere. We can test coins’ authenticity in three different ways, so we can always buy your gold or silver coins.

Argentor fully insures all the risks connected with gold and silver purchase and sale, transportation and storage. We can guarantee this full insurance cover because we use the largest insurers in the World. Even our shipments are 100% insured. So you never have to worry that your package may be lost.

In addition all our shipments are packed and unpacked under certified video surveillance. Thus, potential mistakes can still be put right.

Your professional metal account is subject to strict security. Thus we always store your data securely.
At Argentorshop.be you can buy and sell precious metals with very high-level security. Your account is protected with state of the art technology.
If you have any questions, you can always ask our developer via info@argentorshop.be.
We like to know how customers experience our service, so that we can continuously optimize it. That is why we work with Kiyoh. Kiyoh is an independent client feedback system. Two weeks after placing an order, the system will redirect you to a link where you can give a review.

Are you curious about our customers’ opinions? Take a look at our reviews.

Do you have questions or some feedback about our service? If so, call us on 032 3  232 31 99 or send an e-mail to info@argentorshop.be.

Core business

Argentor specializes in recovering and refining precious metals. Our focus in this field is on scrap gold, dental and industrial gold and scrap silver. In addition, recovery of precious metals from filings, brushes, slags – In other words, simply all workshop waste.

Argentor’s excellent reputation among customers and government entities inspires confidence. In addition, Argentor enjoys an excellent reputation at the Royal Belgian Mint since 1987. Moreover, close collaboration with the Emeko Refinery ensures extremely short turn-around times. Thus we also guarantee the fastest payments. Focus on professionals is a successful formula that we have maintained through the years. All the precious metal that Argentor trades is internationally accepted and we have traded it internationally for years.


Processing Au, Ag, Pt, Pd, Rh, Ir and Os, as well as high-content precious metals and processing PGM’s (Platinum Group Metals) and low-content precious metal.
Recovery of diamonds and other gemstones without damage using chemical solutions. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information about prices and the process.
Argentor can return the process metal to you in fine precious metal, even before the process is complete. Contact us for more information.
Argentor can pay immediately for most metals, and at the best price. An advance is always possible, so that you can utilize your working capital in the best way. That is possible in cash or by bank transfer.
Manufacturing bars and coins to your own design is one of our strengths! Have you always wished you could have your own personalized bars or coins? We are always happy to help!

Why Argentor?

  • Exceptional reputation since 1987
  • Discrete handling
  • A-Z solutions
  • Extremely fast turnaround
  • Flexible assistance

What do clients say?

“Positive points: the gold en silver is delivered quickly. The couriers seem very professional. Actually, the whole organization is.
Points for improvement: “the gold price should go up now.”
Anonymous from Schilde